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Is your blackjack dealer high?

employment rate in 18 years  hasn't done much to lift wages , but the difficulty of finding workers is having one effect: convincing companies to stop testing job candidates for marijuana. Caesars Entertainment made headlines this week for its decision to opt out of screening potential hires for pot use, with the casino operator implementing the policy nationwide, a spokesman confirmed, adding: "It was one factor disqualifying a lot of good people." While garnering attention in recent days, the spokesperson said the policy has actually been in place since the end of 2016. AutoNation, the country's biggest auto dealership chain, also quietly made the move more than two years ago, the company's CEO told Bloomberg in January . Caesars will continue testing for cannabis use for jobs, such as drivers, where federal rules mandate screening for marijuana. "We still test for pot -- and other drugs -- if we believe an employee is high on the job," the spokesman said. The rules at Caesars potentially impact tens of thousands of workers, given it employs some 63,000 people in 13 states. About half of Caesars' workforce reside in Nevada, where voters legalized recreational pot use, starting in January 2017. The less stringent stance toward marijuana use, at least off the job, comes as businesses struggle to hire workers. U.S.

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